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How do I define me?  How do I define my life?  Well, that for sure is not a one-word answer.  There is a lot that comes with being me and experiencing things in life that can only happen to me.  I have been struck by a car, poked in the eye with a drumstick, hit in the face with a cue ball, and kicked in the eye with a high-heeled shoe that lacerated my right eyeball. I have been arrested five times, one of which got me my “Hollywood Moment of Fame” on WFAA Channel 8 News in Dallas.  I have fled from police during my high school days and enjoyed many a good car chase with my friends back then.  I have literally roasted my hand in a fire when I was a little boy, and then played with fire on a greater scale which led to me filing for bankruptcy at the age of 27.


I have been a Co-Owner with a rock star partner of a professional Arena Football Team that went bankrupt, and I have dated women of all kinds.  I have engaged with Playboy playmates, pro lingerie football players, strippers, and I have even dated a porn star!  Fourteen of those women all had names starting with the combination of either Chris or Krys.


I have partied at the Playboy Mansion, partied on tours with rock stars, rocked the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, CA, and have bumped noses with the elite.  I have even been in situations where people asked me for my autograph and wanted pictures with me!   


I have a grown daughter that wants nothing to do with me, a non-existent father, and I have suffered the tragic loss of two pregnancies. 


I feel like I have lived the life of three men, take the good or the bad.  There are things that I would do over again, and there are things that I do not even want to remember let alone do-over.  Aside from it all, aside from the wild ride that has been my life, a lot of people tell me that they think my life is awesome, yet they do not see what a hard road it has been for me at times.


I do not recommend for anyone to take my path unless they are looking for a rollercoaster ride of disappointment, pain, and at times, fatal consequences. Learn from me, do not mimic me.  Travel with me through my life’s journey and the many lessons learned.  Witness with me my trials and tribulations, my bad decisions, and the heartache and disappointment that have shaped and formed me into the man I am today.


I will tell you this.  Live your own life.  Live it for you and for no one else.  Take chances, take risks.  It is much worse to wonder “if” than it is to know something as a certainty, even if it is an ending.



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