For anyone who’s ever felt like giving up!

Watching his mom get beaten
Losing his dad and an early age
A business deal gone bad

Britt’s story offers hope for starting over!


“Britt’s story is inspiring, he’s a guy that gets knocked down but gets back up every time!”
Daniel Gomez, Executive Coach - San Antonio, TX


I’ve shared Britt’s story with several other guys who needed help getting up the next mountain.”
Dan Snell, Author - The Winsome Way, Kansas City, MO


Britt is always adventurous and never scrapped his sense of childhood wonder as he grew. Britt sees the world as things can be and not as it is. And it’s that sense of optimism that has fueled his passion for life, business, and friendships. Britt loves motivating audiences and listeners from stages and podcast interviews to find their true passion and find fulfillment in life.

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